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  • Official Media Statement Response Regarding Senator Rodriguez's Letter to the Office of Public Auditor

    GUAM—Ensuring Guam Memorial Hospital is the best, most efficient hospital Guam can offer is crucial for all TakeCare members and all Guamanians. It only makes sense that TakeCare, a company that represents over 30,000 Guam patients, is absolutely committed to keeping the hospital we all rely on strong. This includes helping Guam Memorial Hospital to standardize care management and improve its billing systems. READ MORE

  • TakeCare Announces New Options for Radiology and Imaging Services

    Effective March 10, 2012, TakeCare Insurance Company has announced it will continue, on an out-of-network basis, to support patients and their primary care doctors when they choose radiology services at Guam Radiology Consultants (GRC). READ MORE

  • FHP Radiology department receives accreditation for CT scan services

    The FHP Health Center received an accreditation for its CT scan services by the American College of Radiology. The FHP Radiology Department is the first medical center on Guam to receive the prestigious CT scan certification. READ MORE

  • 5 Days of Fitness Featuring 5 weekly classes for TakeCare members Read More
  • If you've ever uttered the words, "Oh, my aching back," you're in good company. Half of all working Americans have had back pain at some point. Learn 10 ways to reduce back pain at home and at work. Read More

  • Take the June month-long Health Challenge™: "Use Safety Gear." Read More
  • Dr. Don Hall answers this month's Ask the Wellness Doctor question: How can I make my headaches go away? Read More