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  •   is "Going Green" and we want you to join us!

    A greener will contribute toward a lighter ecological footprint, a more productive place for us to work and serve you and above all, a healthier Guam! Often, just a few practical steps can lay the groundwork for a healthy planet. From the ways we communicate information to you and how you request changes to additional information from us, we will provide opportunities for you to join us in "going green."

    Our first practical step involves the delivery of your member handbook (brochure). Instead of printing tens of thousands of pages yearly, TakeCare invites you to view your membership brochure (handbook) electronically via our website. Please see link below. The PDF file allows you to save the entire booklet in an electronic format and to view and print either the entire document or only the pages you need. Your member hand book is also available electronically through the OPM website at

    However, we are still offering hardbound or printed brochures at your request.

    In order to assist us in our mission of "going green", you will be asked to provide a current email address so that we may contact you with important information in the future. We will not sell or disclose your email address to non-TakeCare or FHP parties.

    Going Green Means More Work, Less Energy, Cost Savings and a Healthier Environment!

    We encourage you to digitize along with us, this in turn will allow us to be better at performing tasks electronically with less paper wasted. Keeping files on computers instead of in file cabinets is more efficient and makes it easier to make off-site backup copies or takethem with you when you move.

    encourages you to Think Green and Go Green with us! We welcome your suggestions on how we can further our green initiative. If you provide a suggestion, who knows, you just might win a prize!